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Download Poop Money apk free . #Poop_Money . Count the money you earn while you poop at work with a simple entertainment app! This poop timer and poop money calculator will show you exactly how much money you have earned while doing some poopy work poop. We have some great funny content to keep you entertained while you doing your “business” too.



Use poop timer to get that double satisfaction. The app is ideal if you have a hard or a job that you simply hate! Know how much your awful employer is paying you to poop on a monthly or a yearly basis. You will feel satisfied after the app does the calculations for a longer period of time! Know how much you earn while you sit on the toilet.



The poop at work app keeps all of your toilet earned money in a neat and organized way. You will be able to see where and when you’ve spent everything. Your poop salary can be analyzed and you can even see in which day you earned the most.



This poopy and poo app will keep you smiling as well. Yes, pooping at work can be funny too with our inbuilt funny stories that will accompany you while you use the app. 

Entertain yourself while you poop in two ways:

– While pooping click on the poop money icon and it will tell you funny, interesting, situation based stories to entertain you. Every story in manually written to entertain you and they are updated every day.

– You can also enable quick launch bar where you can choose apps that you normally use while pooping and quick launch them after you started the Poop Money timer


Poop MONEY features:

– enter your salary earnings per dayweekmonth

– counts the time you poop

– calculates how much money you are earning for every poop

– shows funny, hand-written stories to keep you entertained

– ability to quick launch the apps you normally use while pooping

Get Poop Money for free and stop asking yourself “How much do I earn while sitting on the toilet?”

Have fun and earn money.

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About This Apk
Name Poop Money
Size 2.29 MB
Version 1.0.5
Developer T.N.T. development
Category Games
Supports Android 4.0 +