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Java programming is free app for beginners who want to learn from scratch. It is handy notes, e-book app which contains basic concept of Java topics program’s with output . By using this app it easy to become programmer. It is also for computer science engineering , IT , BE ,B-Tech , BCA ,B.Sc. (CS),B.Sc. (IT) & MCA students. This app is precise Java Tutorials with program .

it cover to Java basics History and Features of Java,Internals of Java Program,Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM ,Internal Details of JVM,Variable and Data Type,Unicode System,Naming Convention,OOPS Conecpts,Advantage of OOPs,Object and Class,Method Overloading,Constructor,static variable, method and block ,this keyword,Inheritance (IS-A)Aggregation and Composition(HAS-A),Method Overriding,Covariant Return Type,super keyword,Instance Initializer block,final keyword,Runtime Polymorphism,static and Dynamic binding,Abstract class and Interface,Downcasting with instanceof operator,Package and Access Modifiers,Encapsulation,Object class ,Object Cloning,Java Array,Call By Value and Call By Reference,strictfp keyword,String Handling,String :,Immutable String ,String Comparison,String Concatenation ,Substring,Methods of String class,StringBuffer class,StringBuilder class,Creating Immutable class,toString method,StringTokenizer class,Exception Handling,Exception Handling : ,try and catch block,Multiple catch block,Nested try,finally block,throw keyword,Exception Propagation,throws keyword,Exception Handling with Method Overriding,Custom Exception,Nested Classes,Nested Class :,Member Inner class ,Annonymous Inner class,Local Inner class,static nested class,Nested Interface,Multithreading,Multithreading :,Life Cycle of a Thread ,Creating Thread,Thread Schedular,Sleeping a thread,Joining a thread ,Thread Priority ,Daemon Thread,Thread Pooling ,Thread Group,ShutdownHook,Performing multiple task by multiple thread,Garbage Collection,Runnable class,Synchronization,Synchronization :,synchronized method,synchronized block ,static synchronization,Deadlock,Inter-thread Communication,Interrupting Thread ,Input and output,FileOutputStream & FileInputStream ,ByteArrayOutputStream,SequenceInputStream ,BufferedOutputStream & BufferedInputStream,FileWriter & FileReader,CharArrayWriter,Input from keyboard by InputStreamReader,Input from keyboard by Console,Input from keyboard by Scanner,PrintStream class,PrintWriter class,Compressing and Uncompressing File,Reading and Writing data simultaneously,DataInputStream and DataOutputStream,StreamTokenizer class,Collection Framework

ArrayList class,LinkedList class,ListIterator interface,HashSet class,LinkedHashSet class,TreeSet class,PriorityQueue class,ArrayDeque class,Map interface,HashMap class,LinkedHashMap class,TreeMap class,Hashtable class,Comparable and Comparator,Properties class

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