Quick Settings: Shortcuts

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You want to operate your mobile phone as fast as possible? Free download this application and enjoy it, Features of the Quick Settings application is:

* Wi-Fi

You are able to Wi-Fi turned on or off,


You are able to GPS can be turned on or off,

* Mobile data

You are able to Mobile data (3G, 4G, 5G) can be turned on or off,

* Airplane mode

You are able to Airplane mode can be turned on or off.

* Ringer

You are able to Ring tone can be turned on or off.

* Vibration settings

You are able to Vibrate or Sound can be turned on or off.

* Bluetooth

You are able to Bluetooth can be turned on or off.

* Auto-rotate Screen

You are able to Auto-rotate screen or fixed screen can be turned on or off.

* Brightness

You are able to handle the brightness of the mobile phone,

* Wi-Fi Hotspot

You are able to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot can be turned on or off.


You are able to changed it in a variety of languages.

* Date and Time

You can change the auto sync with a time server, change Coordinated Universal Time, date-time format,

* Backgrounds

You can change the standby screen Wallpaper or Background Wallpaper,

* Battery info

Shows the battery charge rate and battery temperature. Shows when the unit is charging, charging information.

* Task Management

Running the Android Task Manager

* Application Management

Running the Android App Manager

* File Management

Running the Android File Manager

– See the screen shots for further guidance,

– For any query please email us, we will solve your issues as soon as possible.

About This Apk
NameQuick Settings: Shortcuts
Size1.28 MB
DeveloperHipi Technologies
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +