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Racing Cars Like Bullets – Daytona Track Race Day

Download Racing Cars Like Bullets – Daytona Track Race Day apk

Download Racing Cars Like Bullets – Daytona Track Race Day apk free . #Racing_Cars_Like_Bullets_–_Daytona_Track_Race_Day . The sports cars driving, which is expected every year with great enthusiasm, is being held on a track outside the city. Many sports cars racers from all over the world came here to participate in these races. Just download this racing game right away and participate now by the sports car race.

Where excitement is at its height, the 3d visual effects of this sports car driving game will magnify you. In addition, snow, rain, night, day, traffic and many other features in the game adds a great atmosphere to the game.

This is an amusing sports car driving game where you are competing against the time in this passenger transport game. The purpose of this game is to take passengers by following the map and take the passengers to the destination where they will go.

You must be quick and careful in your race while you compete against the time in street sports cars racing game.

The sports cars driving game is a very entertaining game for all ages. This game is very easy to play anywhere.

This exciting game is also a sports car driving game and it is free of charge a game.

At the beginning of the game, you will see a start page. After each successful mission, you will reach next to a higher level.

There are 40 levels in the game and 5 different city maps.

– Fun Visual and Sound Effects

– Tools with realistic physics

– 40 levels

– 5 different city environments

– Using the gearbox

– Change between right and left direction indicators

– On / off headlights

– Fun sounds

– Realistic Moving Travelers

– Intelligent Traffic Systems

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NameRacing Cars Like Bullets – Daytona Track Race Day
Size54.72 MB
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SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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