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Ramadan Ringtones and Sounds

Download Ramadan Ringtones and Sounds apk

Get ready for Ramadan 2015 with the best ringtones 2015! Download Ramadan Ringtones and Sounds and you will have the best Islamic music on your Android device! Enjoy in the best Islamic melodies!


♪ This is the best ringtone app for Android™!

♪ High quality message tones, ring tones and sounds for your mobile phone;

♪ Includes phone sound effects, you will be given the first ten tunes immediately, the rest of them will be unlocked over the next five days:

♪ Traditional music, Islamic songs, Muslim music tones, “exotics ringtones”, prayer time alert music tunes, Islamic SMS tones, “Quran ringtones”, “oriental ringtones”;

♪ Easy to use interface: just tap once to preview the sound and press on settings button to set it;

♪ Set as a ring tone, SMS notifications, “alarm clock sounds” or assign it to specific contacts;

♪ Completely free, this is the full version;

♪ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices;

Ramadan Ringtones and Sounds 2015 are the best “free music ringtones” that you must have!

Ramadan Ringtones and Sounds✧ feature a collection of the most beautiful “muslim ringtones free” for all true believers! Download this brand new 2015 app to your smartphone and enjoy your new “ramadan ring tones”, “islamic sms tones” and other Arabic Islamic songs! Get these amazing Muslim tones for free and enjoy listening to your prayer music and Allah ringtones when your phone beeps. Make it sound as your phone is saying “salam alaikum” every time you got a new text message notification, an incoming call or any other alert! The best songs of Islam are waiting just for you, obtain them now and stay in touch with your religion wherever you are!

“Ringtones for cell phones” and tablets – Allah edition!

This new ringtone app is perfect for all people who praise Islam. Finally you can have true “Allah ringtones” to set as phone ring sound effect, SMS tone, alarm sound, “prayer time alert” or as any other phone melody you want. Assign each Ramadan tone to specific contacts from your phone book and identify you caller easily. Also, set your favorite sound effect as the alarm melody and enjoy being awaken with the tones of Islamic and Muslim music. You don’t have to carry the Quran with you – just download ✧”Islamic Ringtones”✧and celebrate Islam on your phone! Grab these free music ringtones and worship your God Allah always. This free Islamic app is the best Muslim ringtone app on the market right now, be among the first to get it and download it immediately. The “best ringtones 2015” that offer you some of the best religious songs and melodies of Arabic and Muslim music for all true believers is now available in the form of amazing message alert tones, alarm clock sounds free, ringtones free download etc.!

Free notification sounds for text messages and ringtones for call alerts!

Show your devotion to Islam and Quran with this sound effects soundboard that encompasses only the best “religious ringtones” and religious ring melodies. If you like to listen to traditional music then this collection of “traditional ringtones” is an absolute must have – set them as a phone ring or a “Muslim prayer alarm” and all your friends will be thrilled and amazed with your level of devotion. This sound effects library for Android™ is perfect for all lovers of Islamic, Arabian and Muslim music because finally you can set “islamic ringing tones” on your smartphones. “Turkish music” and many other eastern folk sounds will make you clap and dance every time you hear them. Cheer up and feel in touch with your religion you are every time you get a text message or someone rings you with the best free ringtones for cell phones! Enjoy the “traditional sounds” and download these oriental Islam ring tones now, completely free of charge.

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NameRamadan Ringtones and Sounds
Size10.30 MB
DeveloperRingtones And Sounds
CategoryMusic & Video
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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