Rebuild My Car: Extra

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Download Rebuild My Car: Extra apk free . #Rebuild_My_Car:_Extra . There are 4 sections in the game.

In the first section you will have to find the tools that will help you fix the car. But you will have to be fast and find them. If time runs out the game will be over. Also grab the wrong tools and you will lose a try. You will start with 3 tries.

In the second section of the game you will have to use your automotive knowledge and use each tool to fix an specific part of the car.

In the third part customize your car with different colors, tires rims, neon lights and body kits.

Finally take the car for a test drive on the street.

About This Apk
Name Rebuild My Car: Extra
Size 12.54 MB
Version 1.0
Developer TheParodyNetwork
Category Tools
Supports Android 4.0 +