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Download Revealed – Magic Trick apk free . #Revealed_-_Magic_Trick . Looking for a great impromptu magic trick?

With this app you can magically reveal any card from a standard 52 card deck instantly.

You can show this trick as a simple mind reading effect by having your phone on the table and casually asking a spectator to think of any card from inside a deck, when the spectator reveals his card you can them ask them to watch…. Now start to rub the screen of your phone and if by magic the spectator’s card will appear on the phone.

Another great way of showing this trick is to add this to your killer card routine for a knockout prediction! Have your phone on the table next to you while you perform card tricks and when you want to reveal the spectators card simply rub the screen and watch their card magically appear on it or better yet why not ask the spectator to rub the screen of the phone and see their reaction when their card is magically revealed to them.

A great knockout prediction for any aspiring magician and a novel way of predicting any card from inside the deck.

This app is limited only to your imagination.

Read the instructions and then practice with practice mode until you’ve mastered this trick.

Instantly repeatable, simple to do and great reactions everytime.

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NameRevealed – Magic Trick
Size5.59 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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