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Do you like hyper-casual android games? Yes? Then Rise In Love is just the game for you!

This challenging 2D mobile game is a brilliantly-designed battle for love that will take you through epic nail-biting challenges, some grueling physics, miraculous boosters & daily rewards while in the middle of gameplay.

Rise In Love by Innovana Games – The Concept

Rise In Love is a highly addictive game that revolves around three unique characters:

· Dave – The lover boy
· Daisy – The lady love
· Jetpack Boy – The challenger

Dave and Daisy are in love. They are a perfect couple who love to be together, go out on dates & create countless memories. Jetpack Boy, the third wheel who is desperate for Daisy and will do anything to steal her away from Dave. This hyper-casual fun game takes an interesting turn as the Jetpack Boy starts showering Daisy with gifts to lure her.

In the gameplay –

You are Dave and your aim is to dodge those wicked gifts from reaching Daisy amidst the vibrant, unusual 2d game of beautiful visuals & high-end graphics.This fun and challenging, fast-paced, casual game, will test your senses, skills & precision. And it is NOT going to be easy! There are notorious nail-biting twists & challenges all through the way. But you can win some pretty amazing boosters and daily rewards to make things easier while playing this game.

Easy one-touch control will allow you to avoid obstacles, collect points, and smash helpful power-ups. Keep Daisy away from Jetpack Boy’s evil intentions as you rise up high in the game.

So, do you think you can beat your friends to the top? Play to find out!

Rise In Love – It’s Addictive Game Features

· Easy one-touch control.
· Test your skills in this hard game of physics.
· Play with shield, bomb, pattern skipper and many more.
· Experience fun with epic nail-biting challenges and increased difficulties.
· Use unique and useful power-ups to overcome hard challenges.
· Multiple levels to compete as you rise up in the game.

FREE to download! — Rise In Love is completely free to play fun mobile game. There are optional in-app purchases available, but not required to rule the game.

About This Apk
NameRise in Love – Innovana Games
Size40.72 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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