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Criminals have taken their space, city has become hell .Be a driver of futuristic sci fi moto bike. World is moving towards technology. Futuristic robots are there to replace men. Machine life has taken place. Police has hired Robotic super moto machines to fight with evil robots machines. Now it’s up to you whether you defend your city with futuristic sci fi moto bike and kill all evil robots or be a witness and give the fair chance to evil robots to destroy your homeland. Futuristic robots wars have begun, automated and programmed machines are fighting. Welcome to robotic world.
Robots War 2017 game has a simple but tough as you take control of your futuristic robot bike and transform it controls to grand moto bike simulator. Game has different levels,your goal is simply to survive for as long as possible as your bike accelerates getting faster while putting your throttle up. This futuristic sci fi moto bike is equipped with automatic powerful machines gun to target your futuristic robot enemies.
Robots War 2017 is an arcade style fighting and action game. You are there in a modern combat; try out all your punching, kicking, Boxing and other fighter skills. Fight the machine opponent and win! Utilize your energy to destroy and eliminate your enemies. Evil & Criminal robot are attacking, killing civilians and destroying city.
Start the mortal combat and stay on the battlefield as long as you can. Enjoy this street fighting robotic combat. Feel the environment of epic revenge by killing and destroying your enemies. Enemies have done their networking through out the city. Take courage to wreck machine enemies. Survival tournament has begun! Use defenses and attack techniques in this mortal combat. Fail all the violent attacks from enemies to survive in this warrior game.You are the only hero. Police Hero is provided with latest motorcycle robot to stunt and reach the dangerous robots.
Download for FREE to enjoy this Robots War 2017 – super moto hero Action Pack. Achieve maximum score and enjoy all the time.
☆ Fight With Robots
☆ Fight In Modern War Environment
☆ Cope With Machines & Shoot To Wreck
☆ Thrilling Action, Skills Required To survive
☆ Score The Best To Compete Others
☆ Stunning, Quality Graphics
☆ Multiple Challenging Missions

About This Apk
NameRobots War 2017 – super moto hero
Size51.87 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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