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A very simple route tracing game for testing memory and observation skills. It is a route tracing device with routes for tracing with accuracy. The user memory and observation is put to great test in route tracing. Route tracing is all about memory. Route tracing is an equivalent of a game prevalent in ancient times during festivals.

Route tracing is an eye catching and addictive game. The game works on simple memory and observation skills. In route tracing game a route is traced by the program and the user has to retrace the route in a given time. As game progresses the speed of route tracing increases. Also time required for route tracing decreases. By tracing the route accurately the user can astonish their friends by showing how brilliant their memory and observation skills are. Route tracing is not only about speed and time but also about the length of route one can retain in his mind. The user has to remain very attentive and keen while looking at the route tracing. The user has to put to memory the route traced.

How To Play: Open the route tracing game from your android device. And then press the start button.

The game will be started and then examine the route and points which connects the dots.

After that there will be your turn and Also follow the same path which was done by the system.

After some level it will be more faster and interesting.

So enjoy the game and also suggest to friends.

About This Apk
NameRoute Tracing
Size6.02 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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