Rules of War Survival: Survive Squad

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Become the hero commander assassin frontier in the heroic game of modern world war. Perform remarkable secret us missions of the best hero game. The modern world of shooting for free sniper pack is a first-person global war game which is full of hunter hero tactics shooting. Set your tactic hero in a frontier assassin war to win survival shooting war.

Deploy your action still alive heroes in the global war to bring back the peace of the modern world as a survival super hunter. Indulge in a shooting for free against the hero gang survival world war prisoners. Perform your duty in the best hero game as a reward hero. Don’t get caught by still alive global war enemies and continuously combat the hero commander during action 3d heroes sniper with armory weapons including world war shotgun. You are savior hero commander of the shooting for free in First person hero gang, so be furious in intense thrilling modern world war, full action-packed & challenging stealth escape missions. Find your way out from the ultimate death battleground in order to break the arena rules of a smasher frontier assassin war enemies. Become the real survival hero of the heroic game.

Explore the map of the world war battleground to get a global war location of survival world war prisoner but be careful as an action hunter hero. They are many frontier world war prisoners in modern World with hero tactics strategy of the heroic game. Conquered the city enemy base by freely roam on the battle of shooting sniper pack 3D. Don’t look back just move forward to cover your sight with a super speed of hero gang. Set your scope, focus aim, chase them and shoot accurately to show them their doom.

Learn the best continuously combat to survive in a tough arena rules battleground by hero gang squad. Let’s finish the long-lasting modern world global war to bring back the peace. Play like a best hero commander shooter.


• First person shooting gameplay

• Most addictive & challenging world war environment

• Realistic 3D graphics & animations

• Top-notch sound effects

• Intuitive controls to play game

• Numerous modern weapons

About This Apk
Name Rules of War Survival: Survive Squad
Size 48.47 MB
Version 1.5
Developer Best Free Games, 2018
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +