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Ready to enjoy this puzzle app now! Multi-key, to find items, open the final super-mysterious treasure it! Within this Insurance hidden in the end what a rich reward it? Continue to get the keys until you can open up the box to see me in the end which contains a number of surprises and fun of it, this game is addictive, oh!

Magic is very safe for small children, the best application, one must play the game of modern children is the ultimate safe virtual simulation game. If your kids like to open the safe, it absolutely can not miss this explosive surprise many games for children, is a perfect application, playing a play, play school, class play, school play, sleep play, play reading, without time limit, children will love to play the perfect game surprises.

In this application, you must gather the key to complete portion, will it be possible to open the safe, so efforts to obtain all the keys will be the ultimate goal and purpose for this takes a lot of time and effort trying to get into the task in order to enjoy the fruits of victory, as long as they have enough metaphor serious efforts to accumulate knowledge and experience, will be able to eventually bear fruit, different keys metaphor of time, effort, dedication, wisdom and so on, are indispensable to succeed success is a step by step, down to earth to obtain all the keys, is the key to success in life, the teachings of this application has great educational value of human existence.

Magic is a fun and safe for most people to play children’s games, will be a wide variety of toys and a variety of surprises, fun combined into one.

Play Introduction:
* Select the key to open
* Click with your fingers constantly magical safe
* Until safe to open, to get the final gem

Very suitable for children’s games, a lot of different keys and surprises, let your child learn and grow educational games.
Absolutely can not miss a game, come to play an exciting game magic safe, constantly surprises enjoy the fun!
Let your child learn to pay only the outcome must strive to give a sense of accomplishment, and the process of trying to click the ultimate treasure is a very rare experience, you must have money can get to work, there is no free lunch, most children one of the best educational games.

About This Apk
NameSafe Box
Size20.05 MB
Developercpp love-egg
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +