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Play Schoolbus driving 3D game if you want to be a driver of big vehicles.Drive around the city in a school bus this is going to be fun and challenging .In this game you are the bus driver and your job is to pick up the students from school in awesome 3D designed city.Also Pick them up and bring them to school it’s sounds easy right, think again we love a challenge so we challenge you to be as fast as possible otherwise you need to start over again.Do you love to drive something bigger? Driving a car is easy or parking one But bus parking and driving takes real skills.

So be a school bus driver and control the bus to preform maneuvers and try not to hit anything or anyone.The school summer holiday is over! kids have to go to school again, so get into that famous yellow school bus and use you controls to stay clear of dangers on the road.Get ready for a super sweet driver, all you need to do is pick up kids, and stay cool when the traffic starts jamming.As you drive through the big city you will have a feeling the traffic is alive, School Bus Pick Up Driving has a great AI system that will make the roads feel alive!Schoolbus driving 3D sim is a game for everyone to test driving skills , you need to practice everything from parking, reversing and use your mental skills to keep calm.School Bus Driver 3D simulator is an open world driving simulator game, drive the school bus, do flips and stunts by clearing huge ramps, jump through hoops and explore the city.This is your School Bus, you can bash it smash it or do whatever you want with your School bus.

School Bus Driver Simulator 3d Game features:

– Driving is what you expect, busses are bigger than cars so you need to be careful

– Huge School Buses to drive

– Beautiful 3d environment of city and village

– Very detailed graphics epic open world to drive in

– Many missions to drive and bus riding gameplay

– Great physics of the busses

– It has great sound and a high level of detail and realism

– Traffic on the streets you need to watch

This game has super smooth controls, realistic vehicle physics and challenging parking and driving missions.A great simulator game like this School Bus Driver 3D game has a special place for it’s fans Parking bus is fun ,your job is to drive and transport your student passengers around an nice looking 3D realistic city. You must drive to a timetable and Keep your school bus under control! Choose the best path to your end destination using map. Plan your route wise as you need to obey the traffic rules and take care that you don’t damage your School Bus .School Bus Pick Up Driving offers a newly developed vehicle system for a newer bus driving simulation feeling that has been never seen beforeSo if you love school bus pick up driving games you should definitely try this game.

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NameSchool Bus Driver Simulator 3D
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