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Being a vegetarian in Singapore is tough There are hardly a few pure vegetarian restaurants out there. In this app I have listed out most of the popular pure vegetarian restaurants and also the others which serve vegetarian food.

The app basically has three tabs:
1. All tab: is the default tab which lists out all the restaurants.
2. Search tab: you can search restaurants by name.
3. Favorites tab: lists out all the restaurants in your favorites list. You can add any restaurant into your favorites list by long pressing on any of the restaurants listed in All or Search tabs.

Other functionalities in the tab:
1. Locating the nearby restaurants: Once the app is started, a dialog with all the restaurants which are in and around your current location pops up. Also this dialog can be opened by clicking the find restaurants button located at the right corner of the app title bar. Clicking on any of the listed restaurants goes to the restaurant description page.
2.Restaurant Description: Clicking on any restaurant in either All or Search tab opens the Restaurant Description. You can view a picture(if any), name, address, phone number, email and website of the restaurant here. Also you can make a call or add the restaurant to your contacts list.
3. Managing your favorites list: You can remove any restaurant in your favorites list by long press or use the delete button in the options menu to clear the list.

A final note, since most of the information is from various web sources it may not be accurate. Please let me know if i have missed any restaurants or if the information provided needs to be corrected.

Please feel free to provide your feedback and also keep an eye for more updates

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