Shark Life – eat fish

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This game’s goal is for shark to eat fish and avoid mace.
Here is sea bottom which is full of corals and seaweeds.
Here is a hungry shark.
The shark swim across deep sea.
Small fish start to appear.
If touch anywhere on the screen, shark will go up in the deep water.
If untouch, then goes down.
So do touching and untouching well.
Eat fish and avoid mace obstacles.
If shark go up over top or beneath bottom, then game will be over.
Make shark swim well.
Go up and down in the deep sea.
Eat delicious fish and avoid danger mace.
What is shark’s life?
Dangerous obstacles exist to sharp shark, too.
Do not afraid and win a game avoiding obstacles till the end.
Cheer up shark!
Compare your score with other’s in global leaderboard. This game's goal is to eat as many mosquitos as possible.

About This Apk
NameShark Life – eat fish
Size10.87 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +