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Read the comments – Best speed dial app in the Market! Very quick and easy – allows an unlimited number of contacts to be assigned speed dial gestures (full version only). Try Sign now – other speed dial apps just don’t compare!

Sign is a unique gesture based speed dial and text application which allows you to call or text any contact with a quick swipe of your finger. Draw “Signs” directly on your homescreen.

Try Sign for making calls and sending texts.

Don’t bother with other speed dial apps (direct dial icons and shortcuts) which take up a lot of space on your homescreen or result in misdials because you inadvertently hit a button. Sign is a clean, fast, and efficient way to get in touch with the people you call and text most often.


• Dynamic Sign Recognition determines call or text depending on where you start drawing the gesture

• Faster opening

• Optional background service for optimum speed/performance

• Use Sign even when other apps are open (requires background service to be active)

• Works with Voicemail passcode input

• Works with WhatsApp

• Enhanced Gesture Recognition System prevents accidental calls/misdials

• Draw “Signs” directly onto your home screen

• FAST – call/text any contact in seconds

• Call without looking at the screen

• Create unique gesture for any contact (or all of them)

• Multi-stroke gestures

• Unlimited speed dial storage (full version only)

• Advanced misdial prevention including

o Fully Adjustable call confirmation (OFF or up to 4 seconds)

o Contact confirmation feature

o Auto-close feature

o Single-tap call prevention

• No call log after call ends

• Simple and fast set up – 15 seconds or less

• Adjust the color of your Signs

• Optional opaque background

• Easily share Sign with friends

Sign – THE best speed dial/quick dial app available for Android. Assign gestures to any contact to easily call or text.


Directly call phone numbers

As a speed dial app, Sign has to be able to access and launch the phone’s dialer. Sign also passes along the contact’s phone number and initiates the call. That’s all it does and while you can set it call international numbers which cost money, our app will never initiate any phone call which you don’t specifically assign.

Read contact data

Sign has to access the contact information in order to create the contact list within the app and to initiate phone calls and texts to the appropriate phone number.

Read phone state and identity

Sign accesses the phone state in order to correctly launch and initiate phone calls and texts. It does not read the phone identity or use any personally identifiable information other than to make calls or texts.

Modify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SD card contents

Sign stores the contact database information on the SD Card.

Control vibrator

Allows the app to control the vibrator.

We take customer service very seriously. If you experience ANY issues with our application, email us [email protected] We’ll respond quickly to resolve your issue. We can’t respond to issues in the Market comments and we can’t fix problems we don’t know about. Thanks!

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DeveloperGlykka LLC
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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