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The SMS Scrambling App.

This app is designed to keep prying eyes off your messages.

What is a SMS Message Scrambler?

The SMS Message Scrambler, Scramble, is an app that will allow you to live out your inner spy. Scramble can take a message and hide its contents in a randomised 140 character message.

When would I use this app?

Scramble will provide you privacy for any communication that you want to use between you and your friends.

You can pick a secret Scramble Code, that is used to Encrypt and Decrypt your messages so even if someone gets you messages they wont be able to read them !

Once Scrambled, your message, to the naked eye, appears to be a nonsense list of characters, However with Scramble and the right Scramble code you can extract the information from within this apparent mess.

What Features does Scramble Have?

Scramble the app functions as a complete SMS messenger allowing conversations between you and your friends in privacy. So you can send and recieve SMS text messages from within this app.

How do I use this app?

All you need to do is write out the message you wish to send. Then pick a code to scramble a message. Once sent that same code will be used to unscramble the message.

So it is up to you what to organise a code to use with your friends. Try a favourite number, a birthday or be tricky and use the day of the month, the choice is yours.


Because the scrambled messages are 140 character long you can share your scrambled messages either via SMS messages, facebook, twitter and email too. With it’s easy to use interface Stop Motion Studio lets you create terrific stop action movies.

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