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Snack recipes

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In this application, you will have:

– 60 tasty recipes with photos


* Apple cinnamon donuts

* Baked potatoes with parmesan

* Baked shrimp with tomatoes and brie

* Baked sweet potatoes with goat cheese and pecan nuts

* Balls of cream cheese with herbs, nuts and bacon

* bruschetta

* Burgers with chipotle and sweet potatoes

* Cauliflower with feta and pomegranate grains

* Cheese croquettes with ham sauce aioli

* Chicory gratin with prosciutto

* Clams in bacon with spicy sauce

* Cream cheese and smoked salmon

* Crispy potatoes with butter

* Doughnuts with shrimp

* Enchiladas with black beans and chocolate sauce

* feta salsa

* Fish tacos with cabbage and avocado

* Focaccia with grilled onions and black olives

* French Hasselbeck with pesto

* Fried eggs in a potato basket

* Guacamole with bacon and gorgonzola

* Gyros with mashed potatoes and feta cheese

* Homemade mascarpone

* Homemade ricotta

* Hot sandwich with roasted vegetables, ricotta and pesto

* Hot sandwich with tuna and sun-dried tomatoes

* Hot sandwich, pizza with sausage and peppers

* Kebab with green peas

* Keso fundido with chorizo

* Lettuce with bacon and gorgonzola

* Marinated roasted peppers with capers and mozzarella

* Mussels in Thai

* Omelet East-West

* Open Croc Monsieur

* Pancakes in the Overseas with broccoli

* Pancakes with jam

* Pancakes with mushrooms

* Penguins))

* Pizza Nachos

* Pizza with chorizo, avocado and goat cheese

* Portion cups with omelets, potatoes and sausage

* Potato latkes with horseradish and dill

* potato pancakes

* Prawns in coconut chips at a sharp honey sauce

* Quesadilla with scrambled eggs, avocado and bacon

* Rolled chicken with broccoli

* Salad salsa of tomatoes and parsley

* Sandwich with tuna and cheese

* Sandwich with tuna salad

* Sandwich with turkey and sweet sauce

* Scallops with sauce of tarragon

* Scandinavian cake sandwich with avocado and bacon

* Shahi Tyukra

* Shrimp in Vietnamese

* Snack of apples and cheese

* Snack-paste of sardines

* Spicy apple chips

* Tacos with crispy shrimp

* Tartar of marinated mushrooms with potatoes

* Thin French pancakes

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