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When activated, SoftLocker maintains a screen-only lock by holding a partial wake lock on the system, thus DISABLING deep sleep.

** Note: **

As of v0.9.1 This version has the same functionality as the DONATE version of SoftLocker, but does not have a widget.

If you find this app useful, please consider purchasing the DONATE version of SoftLocker. Thank you for your consideration!

On to the details!


SoftLocker is useful for Android tablets only, it is pretty useless on phones! This app was originally tested on the Pandigital Novel, now on the NOOK Color, but *should* work on any tablet (like the Archos, Augen, Viewsonic, or other Android tablets).

When SoftLocker is enabled and the screen is locked, the device remains FULLY ALIVE except for the screen. Don’t kill the service with an app killer! It consumes almost zero system resources.

Contact the dev with problems!

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NameSoftLocker FREE
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SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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