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Download speaker booster volume apk free . #speaker_booster_volume . Simple, small, free app to boost your speaker sound volume. Useful as a volume booster for movies, audio books and music. Also works great as a sound booster for headphones.

With Volume booster You can improve sound effects on your phone to enjoy you favorite tracks to the fullest, by adding a subwoofer bass booster to your tracks . Let’s create exclusive musical for yourself with our equalizer and bass booster pro applications.
You can eaisly modi¡e sound by using 5 Band Equalizer with Bass and treble effect.

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Playing audio at high volumes, especially for a prolonged amount of time, can destroy speakers andor damage hearing. Some users HAVE reported destroyed speakers and earphones. IF YOU HEAR DISTORTED AUDIO, LOWER THE VOLUME (but it may be too late).
The main features:
for boost

-click sound louder and sound enhancer for phone without distorting tone: sound booster for phone, ringtone, alarm, notification, media, system.
_ Music player, MP3 player with equalizer and color visualizer effect .
_ Both increase speakerphone and sound booster for headphones or earphone volume booster.
_ Customize sound for many applications in the phone.
_ Equalizer enhance bass, music booster volume loud and other sound effects.
_ Music sound increaser with music equalizer volume boost.
_ Support almost all models, include equalizer sound booster for tablet.
_ Simple, compact, free to volume increaser for music.
_ Save custom presets
_ Home display widget
_ Lock advertising volume
_ bass booster for headphones
_ Sound equalizer
_ Music amplifier
_ Music visualization
_ Equalizer audio booster
_ Circular music defeat bars
_ Audible audio spectrum
_ SongList with repeat shufle.
_ Headphone volume booster and Speaker of phone auto boost sound.
_ Loudness enhancer – super loud Volume amplifier
_ boost your device volume with one tap.
_ ultimate sound booster experience.
_ equalize and sound booster audio through headphones or speaker.
_ sound amplifier equalizer.
_ subwoofer bass booster
_ increase media , notificationm, alarm volume

Reasons to Increase Volume Booster Sound Equalizer for Android device
– With Volume Booster you can make any program as loud as you want ,
– Music player volume booster for headphones, head Phone Volume Booster Support all device ,
– Music sound increaser with music equalizer boost Increase Volume.
– Boost speaker volume
– bass booster amplify system volume
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-speed booster music


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About This Apk
Name speaker booster volume
Size 3.11 MB
Version 1.1.2
Developer cpp devvloper-app
Category Others
Supports Android 4.0 +