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Looking for fun way to make your child practice dictation! Looking for something where pronunciation of dictation words can be recorded in your own voice. Intention of the app is to create your own list of words, in your own voice to make it very personalize. App does not comes with any word list, so you can create your own.


* Personalized voice in spelling learning experience

* Add your own choice of words

* Share the created content with voice with friends

* Take test to check progress

* Learn pronunciation and spellings too

* Create lists for group of words for better management of words

* Results to monitor the progress for the student. Will give you detailed description of the words.

Usage for teachers:

* Teachers can create the words list in their own voice which need to be taught

* Using share feature (available in settings), teacher can share the content to students.

* Students can load the content on their Spell Word using the same share features.

* Students can learn new words from the new content, take test, monitor progress.

* Teacher can distribute content as per syllabus to students to learn.

Usage for Students:

* Students can receive content from teacher

* Students can create their own word list to learn

* Students can learn and take test to monitor progress.

How to use game for dictation/word vocabulary practice-

1. Login as teacher can be used by teachers/parents

2. Type first word from list of words the child has to practice

3. Create list for the words or add words to the existing list for better word management.

4. Record the pronunciation in your own voice ( **TIP – can add description also while recording, eg: Word is “AIM” . Pronounce AIM and further elaborate it saying yes it is the same AIM which you AIM at with your gun or Bow and arrow.

5. Repeat step 2 – 4 for each word in the list. IT can be used for Spell Bee and other competition practice.

6. You can choose levels if you are using multiple lists. This can be used to boost morale of the kid by giving easier words in Level 1 and then moving on to tougher words.

7. Lists will allow you to group words in particular orders and allow students to learn words list by list.

8. Teacher can monitor the progress made by students using results. Results are added to list and also to the app level for all the tests completed. Results can be accessed under Teacher section. Results are available on list page for each list and also at words list page for app level.

1. Login as Student

2. Dictation practice allows kid to practice and check word after every word

3. Dictation test will give results towards the end similar to class room test.

4. Student can select particular list to practice and test.

Settings section.

1. Share the created content with friends. Collect the content from friends. Grow your content list fast.

2. Change settings on the settings page, increase/decrease test size, change sound for correct and incorrect words.

Please send any suggestion / comments to mail mention below.

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