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Download Stream All TV Movies TVShows apk free . #Stream_All_TV_Movies_TVShows . With Stream All you can watch your favorite TV Shows and movies via streaming from different web pages.

App completely free, you can see TV shows, movies and music from different websites, all via streaming.

You can watch the movies with the StreamAll player, external player(mxPlayer, BSPlayer…) and play on PC controlled from phone.

Compatibility with DLNA devices(TV, mediacenters, PC, PS3, XBOX360…)

Movie library: You can add a movie to the library. There you can see information of the movie and see a cover icon and backdrop.****It’s recomendable use mxPlayer as external player(free APP on google play)

****If you get an error playing with the internal player, try with the external player or PC.

****For use PC you need that the PC and phone are in the same WIFI network.

Enter in and enjoy creating an APP from your favorite website.

WIFI is recommended.

The APP doesn’t contain movies or TVShows, or direct links to them. It’s only a javascript reader to be used as a presentation platform for desktop websites.

Read the terms and conditions when you start the APP the first time.

About This Apk
Name Stream All TV Movies TVShows
Size 4.70 MB
Version 1.8
Developer ApkHut LLC
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +