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Subdroid is a simple frontend to look at svn Repos in your Android device.

New Permission is for backing up data.

New Feature is still experimental and not tested on all kind of devices.

ATTENTION: Data gets exported in raw to your SDcard. Will contain your svn credentials, so use with caution – keep the backup files safe, or don’t use the feature at all!

Howto video: is a frontend to look at Subversion Repositories (view only) on your Android device. It allows you to see authors, comments, changesets and affected files. It supports SVN served through http(s).

You can live browse a repository or download the latest changesets. It displays commiter, commit time, message and changed paths with actions performed on them. You can open the head revision, revision at the time of the commit, or the revision before.

After downloading changesets you can perform a text search within them.

Contributions to the free version are always welcome, as is feedback – but please contact me directly, as the market doesn’t allow for replies, help or discussions (yet). Designer needed :D!

Donate Version without ads and extended features available.

About This Apk
Name Subdroid
Size 252.84 KB
Developer icyerasor
Category Productivity
Supports Android 4.0 +