Surprise Egg

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Constantly surprises memorable, this is a surprise for the kids egg interesting mysterious mobile games.
There are many egg cute animal pattern, waiting for your child to download this game to collect, can be said to be one of the best children’s app, playable and can play for a long time, until you collect all the toys surprises so far, very modern children need to download this game to play.

Prepare your phone, it is time to download this game Hello! This game for children, can be said to be very educational game for children to understand that there is no unearned things, efforts must be harvested only strive clicking surprise eggs, cracked eggs, until the moment came, there will be no Like the joy of existence it! If you do not work hard click eggs will always nothing is not eligible, though a bit cruel to children, but they have to learn sooner or later efforts to pay, to spend time and energy on it, will have unexpected results exist yet!

As for the surprise egg cracked in the end what is it? There are many animals stored inside dolls, cats, dogs, teddy bears, rats, rabbits, chickens, etc., is very rich and diverse toys, waiting for your child to collect it, do not call your children download it?

How to play:
Repeatedly click on the egg, the egg will not stop shaking
Point to the egg to split up, stopped in
Collect a variety of dolls, all direct

About This Apk
NameSurprise Egg
Size20.32 MB
Developercpp love-egg
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +