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Search for the perfect hotel and find the best deals at the lowest prices with THE HOTEL DEAL. Use the world’s largest online hotel search engine to find and save on loads of cheap hotels. Compare prices and plan your next holiday.

THE HOTEL DEAL compares prices from more than 250 booking sites worldwide, with over a million hotels in over 195+ countries. Start planning your next trip by searching on THE HOTEL DEAL.

THE HOTEL DEAL features:
Hotel Finder
• Find and save on hotels near well-known sights or attractions.
• Plan the travel itinerary for your next trip by using location finder for the best hotel deals.
• Use navigation functionalities to find discounts at nearby hotels, on the go.
Compare Prices & Save Money
• Compare hotel prices from over 250 worldwide booking sites to get the best deal.
• Save money by taking advantage of hotel discounts for your last minute vacation deals.

Search your travel destinations and hotel pricing
• Search from a million hotels and cheap accommodation by location and pricing.
• Travel deals let you set a maximum price to suit your budget.
• Save hotels and travel sites so you can decide when to do your bookings.

Travel with Confidence
• Visit our Rating Index to view all available hotel review scores – so you know what other travelers think.
• Best Price Guaranteed

Hotel Ratings on loads of Sites
• Expedia
• Holidaycheck
• ebookers
• Priceline
• HotelTonight
• Travelocity
and more

Search for the perfect hotel, compare prices and plan for future bookings on the go, with THE HOTEL DEAL! Travel and save with! Find great hotel deals and book your accommodation for your next trip in just a few minutes.

About This Apk
NameThe Hotel Deal
Size5.64 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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