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“Throw Flippy Knife Simulator” – use an unrivaled simulation of technique of throwing a flippy knife, a shuriken and an ax to achieve maximum score and rating.
Set direction, power and angle of the throw to hit the target with a sharp edge of the object.

How to play:
Click on the hand with a weapon and pull your finger to the left.
The further the finger is drawn the higher is the throwing power.
The same way adjust the rotation of a flippy knife or an ax to hit the target with the right angle of the blade.
The red arrow indicates the direction of the throw. The length of the arrow indicates the throwing power.

– earn maximum points for the round;
– compete with your friends in achieving the highest score for the round;
– earn coins and buy exclusive steel, silver and golden items for throwing.

Points are counted for hitting the target depending on the field:
– for getting into the apple you’ll get 5 points, the current throw attempt is saved and bonus attempt is given;
– for getting into other fields, you’ll be credited with 4, 3, 2 and 1 point respectively while retaining the attempt. However bonus attempt is not given in this case.
– weapons from the steel collection increase the number of points in 2 times when hitting the target , from silver in 3 times, and from golden in 5 times compared to the standard throwing weapons.

The steel, silver and gold collections differ not only in scores for hittting but also in flight physics and complexity of the hit. One-sided knives and axes that are sharpened only from one side can hit the target only in an appropriate position at the moment of hitting the target (only blade hits the target).

– after gaining 10 points knives are available for throwing
– after gaining 100 points axes are available for throwing

About This Apk
NameThrow Knife
Size38.79 MB
DeveloperUAB "Aunelsa"
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +