Toshiba Wireless HDD

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Supports Android platform 2.3 to 5.1

“The Toshiba Wireless HDD app” is an application software for WiFi Storage.

•This application can stream (play or show) videos, photos, music and documents on wireless storage which is connected to mobile device by WiFi.

•Supported SDXC memory card with the new firmware 1.2.1

•Supported DLNA with the new firmware 1.2.1

•Support file list and thumbnail view.

•Automatically search the wireless storage.

•Support network and parameters settings.

•Support the keyword search functions.

•Support file operations (copy, move, delete, rename, etc.) on wireless storage, from mobile device to wireless storage and from wireless storage to mobile device.

•Support sending email, saving photos and uploading photos to SNS service.

•Support photos slideshow and background music playing.

•Whether data (videos, photos, music) can be played or not is dependent on running environment (OS, decoder ability, etc.), data format and data itself.

•Support the function to see logs of auto and manual SD card backup.

About This Apk
Name Toshiba Wireless HDD
Size 19.14 MB
Version 1.2.8
Developer TOSHIBA Corp. S&S Co.
Category Tools
Supports Android 4.0 +