Traffic Racer

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Download Traffic Racer apk free . #Traffic_Racer . Prove that you are the best driver out there with this endless arcade racing game!

Traffic Racer is a game where you can test your driving skills by driving your car through traffic, earn cash and upgrade your car or buy a new one that better fits your needs. You won’t get bored as you can try out this endless arcade racing game and feel how it is to drive the fastest cars out there.

There are several features that build up this game and that contribute to giving you a better gaming experience. Designed for mobile, you can expect beautiful and realistic 3D graphics as well as car handling which will make you exceed at driving.

Traffic Racer comes with more than 35 car models for you to choose from, so you will definitely find one that pleases you. Once you have chosen your car, you can pick between 5 different environments for you to drive in such as suburb, desert, snowy, rainy and city night, so be sure yo check them all out.

Also, you will have access to 5 game modes and to online leaderboards and achievements, which means you have to be really good to get to the top and beat users from all over the world. You can customise your vehicle with different paint and wheels, but most importantly, you need to be as fast as you can, since your speed contributes to your score.

Download Traffic Racer and master its gameplay by tilting or touching your device to steer, touch the gas or brake buttons to accelerate or brake/ slow down. Discover all hidden features such as the fact that if you drive in the opposite direction in two-way mode, you will get an higher score and more cash.

About This Apk
Name Traffic Racer
Size 95.19 MB
Version 2.5
Developer Tom Whittock
Category Racing
Supports Android 4.0 +