Train Simulator: Train Racing

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Ever want to be the best and most successful train simulator driver and train racing expert, you need to control the amazing locomotive trains and accept the challenges and clear all levels successfully as a real train simulator and train racing driver of speedy maglev and euro bullet train, this train simulator and train racing on tracks is the latest train simulator that allows you to become one of the best train engine driver and simulator.

Train Simulator and train racing engine is a brand-new trainz engine and driving simulator game that puts you at the edge of locomotive train driver’s driving seat. The high-quality train engine simulation game-play with awesome and amazing trainz Zug-Simulator simulatore di treni , with easy interface, this train simulator and engine racing game is very easy to play, choose your favorite trains and accelerate to high speed bullet and euro maglev trains.

Get ready for the action and thrill in this extreme train simulator and train racing game. Race through magnetic locomotive train tracks with the best engines like bullet, maglev, locomotive steam, euro star trains the latest trains consist of aerodynamic shapes and technology to build up the train racing more interesting.

Get on the tracks, take over controls, avoid derailment and enjoy the modern ride along the railway tracks. This locomotive train simulator and train racing needs you to climb up to the mega monster engine of this huge long train euro bullet steam maglev train simulatore di treni loaded with passenger carts and compartment, accelerate on the rail tracks and pick the speed, go all around the cities enjoying various stations, drive past beautiful sceneries as you go round the map and do not forget to signal oncoming passenger trains and freight trains

Once you are in the train simulator and train racing express lane, this monster train engines is all yours, now control and be in charge of this maglev locomotive steam engine train engine racing, let go the brakes and spoof you go with the mighty pickup with full blaze, keep your engine brakes alert. To be the best and most successful train simulator 15 on route 99 on train simulator and train racing simulator adventure, you need to keep the flow of the railway paths, cross the subways and metro stations

In train simulator driver driving racing engines and trains, be an elite class real train and expert euro bullet train engine driver and simulator, the task for train engine driving is not an easy one, show your skills to be a top train engine and steam train driver, you have to clear all your preliminary tasks and race against the given time frame, race the huge monster train engines through the deserted areas, towns, cities, snow covered hill climb mountains and lands, bridges, ranches and suburban tracks and reach your railway station, you have to be more careful and don’t go fast else you’ll be ending up overshooting the railway station.

In Train simulator and train engine racing, you can carry heavy transportation and transporters cargo like animals, containers, wooden log, tree logs, jungle wood logs. Gather your real train driving and simulating skills plus engine driving skills of train driving on tracks and enjoy this top free online train simulator and engine-racing engine driving game, take your train into the subways, express lanes, metro lines, underground subways, ride through tunnels, pass through the lone deserts and high mountains, hills and forests and dark jungle cross the bridges, metro stations.

Train simulator and Train racing is of the eventual train engine simulator, as a locomotive train engine driver on routes to reach on between railway stations.

Happy racing and simulation.

About This Apk
Name Train Simulator: Train Racing
Size 40.77 MB
Version 1.2
Developer MegaByte Studios - 3D Shooting & Simulation Games
Category Racing
Supports Android 4.0 +