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Skaters gonna skate

WANTED: the next Tony Hawk. That’s right. With True Axis’ True Skate the skateboarding simulation allows you to do the ollies and kickflips you want in the comfort of your bed or couch without having to actually venture into a skatepark.

True Skate is just the board giving the illusion that a ghost is skateboarding, working perfectly with the touch screen technology. To control the skateboard all you have to do is swipe and flick the board and the area around the board. To move and gain speed swipe vertically next to the board. To steer touch the center of the board.

Tricks will be hard to master but with practice comes awesomeness. You can ollie by flicking up on the screen and at the tail of the board and then level out by tapping the front. You can try out more complicated stuff like kickflips and benihanas are all to be mastered in the Sandbox mode.

You can skate through Missions like following a ghost around the skatepark in a follow the leader fashion, copying his skills or doing an insane amount of tricks in a short time period. If owning the board is really your thing Sandbox mode will have you covered with all the half pipes, rails, steps, empty pools and walls.

FOUND: the next Tony Hawk.

About This Apk
NameTrue Skate
Size78.44 MB
DeveloperTrue Axis
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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