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Many smartphone users often face the trouble of extracting enough juice from their device when they need it the most, especially when trying to run high end games. A usual cause for this is the RAM’s incapability to fix and adapt to the rapid call of high memory for processing.

This can happen in the best of smartphones, which can leave gamers in agony. What most users fail to realize is that no matter how much RAM their smartphone has free, it is the ability of this memory to identify and speedup whenever a high process demands.

Turbo Game Booster: Speed Fix is the easiest and most effective solution to speedup devices and gain maximum performance results on gaming and other high end tasks.

Turbo Game Booster uses a very efficient Ram releasing mechanism and allocation algorithm to identify apps and games that require greater system resources through an easy to use menu interface to display all the memory hogging applications and games in a list layout.

Easily choose any of the desired games in the list to speedup performance up to 50% for all devices.


– Easy to use interface with simple list layout

– Simply tap on any app or game to apply turbo game booster speed fix

– Select from a wide colored themes to customize your turbo game booster

– Toggle booster notifications on/off

About This Apk
NameTurbo Game Booster: Speed Fix
Size3.09 MB
DeveloperEasy Logics
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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