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Type while walk allows you to see what is in front of you on the streets or anywhere else while walking, typing and sitting. It supplies more efficiency while walking and texting as this application is specially designed for maximum camera interface on background. The most important aspect of this app will be fast loading of the camera and zero battery drainage when you don’t use the application.

Type while walk is a messaging application for android phones to text message while walking and share through Facebook, email, SMS, Twitter with live camera background. User also has the facility to send message or mail to multiple users at the same time. But the thing which is to be noted here is that the messaging service will be provided by service provider and not by this application.


• Orientation Independent: It is layout independent and hence works well with both horizontal and vertical orientations. The application has two modes i.e. portrait and landscape.

• Camera Preview: Camera preview is displayed while you walk and text.

• Color Transparency: This application provides the user with a huge range of vibrant colors and hence user can easily change the color of hisher message and buttons. This feature enhances the user friendly interface of application.

• Character count: The app will also count your characters and display to you how many text messages will be send. It is also very useful for Twitter messages.

• Torch: Walking at dark or at night? No problem, you just only need to click on the flash icon and the LED Flash of your device will light up the way. This feature activates the torch on clicking upon it depending on the mode selected. It gets activated with a single click in night mode.

• Same Interface: Text Message can be sent and added directly from within the application.

• Notifications: Notifications work well with incoming messages. This can be set by the user whether heshe wants a ringtone or vibration for that.

Version 2.0 Has following new Feature.

– Transparent Keyboard with different key color

– MultiLanguage Support

– Tweet on single click

– Copy text to clipboard

– Better Color picker

Version 2.1 Has following new Feature.

-Update your Facebook status on Single Touch

-Intuitive menu design

-Bug fixing

-Note : If you got error in Facebook log in , please update your default Facebook application with latest version.

New features v3.0

-Text to Audio: Now you can convert new messages to audio and hear it rather than opening the message right away to read it or read the message later on.

-Voice to Text Conversion: This feature will convert anything you speak in text and will get displayed in the text box, which you can send to anyone. This helps to save a lot of time spend in typing.

-Display Character Count

-Design changes of Settings page for better clarity.

-Now you can also Capture an Image while typing.

About This Apk
NameType While Walk
Size1.10 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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