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A nice Resource for finding and purchasing songs is

VOCAL ADDICTION is a Profesional Karaoke Player.

Handles and Play the world standard zipped CDG and MP3+G file format used in all professional shows and bars today.

This is the only known app on the market today capable of playing ZIPPED files.

no more karaoke songs being mixed in with regular music

because zipped karaoke files are not found by your other music player apps

No more searching for your karaoke files, VA will scan your device, find them ALL and list them in your VA Library making it easy to play and manage them anytime and anywhere you wish

VA works wonderfully with screen mirroring applications and Android TV boxes like the to turn any party into a karaoke party instantly

A 64 gig micro SD card will hold over 10,000 of these zipped CDG or MP3+G karaoke files

combine that with the power of Bluetooth audio, screen mirroring and a wireless microphone system and you can run a wireless professional karaoke show from your tablet or smartphone in seconds.

how cool is that?

Bluetooth receivers and other great devices are avilable from our friends at

Looking for karaoke files?

We have teamed up with some of the best karaoke producers in the world to make all your favorite songs available for download and purchase.(COMING SOON)

Just go to

And sign in with your free Vocal Addiction account to get started.

Note that (many songs may not be currently available)

we are working on Licensing and it’s not an easy task.

with all the licensing and music publishers, regulations and Red tape to sift through.

So just hang tight and we will have karaoke files for you to purchase and download very soon.

Your feedback is very important to us

If you’re like me, when I download an app, don’t like it or it doesn’t work the way I wish, I just uninstall it and never go back.


Vocal Addiction is constantly improving as we go,

So if you find this app is not working for you or is missing important features just let us know,

we may change it just for you.

we want this to be very best karaoke app on the market.

To do that we need your feedback.

Please write us or leave a review and let us know what features you really love.

what new features you wish we had and even let us know if something is not going right so we can fix it.

Thanks from all of us at


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About This Apk
Name Vocal Addiction
Size 1.75 MB
Version 1.0.5
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +