Walter Hero Surfer Crime City Fall

Walter Hero Surfer Crime City Fall 1

This city is filled with criminal scum so much that it really needs the hero! Become that specific type of superhero, who can surf even through the asphalt of this city! Use your super power to clean this place from murderers, robbers and former prisoners, who are ready to kill again! Play Walter Hero Surfer Crime City Fall game and you won’t be disappointed!

Explore this large modern city being a kind of water magician! Use your fantastic ability to transform into a super surfing man and vice-versa to prevent the aggression of human criminals! Mind that although you’re strong, you cannot resist against a huge number of people with their modern weapons! Remember that there may also be another ‘heroes’ – they are really wild, cruel and will be happy to kill you and destroy everything alive!

Earn points for successfully completed missions and power-up your superhero’s skills! Buy new super blows, weapons and increase your stats to become more persistent, strong and powerful! Stay alive as long as you can, feel the thrill of chasing criminals and bandits everywhere you go and be ready to attack or die playing Walter Hero Surfer Crime City Fall!

Police forces waging war against rising waves of criminal scum, and you can be the savior of this city – a hero that city deserves! Become a real water superhero and save these streets form waves of criminal activity!

Walter Hero Surfer Crime City Fall features:

• Ultimate superhero water magician simulator

• Wide range of different weapons and tricks

• Powerful and crafty opponents

• Realistic 3D graphics

So turn into the super surfing hero and take the fight and battle to the death! Have fun playing Walter Hero Surfer Crime City Fall!

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