What day?

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Download What day? apk free . #What_day? . “What day?” displays information about the current or any selected day.

Have you ever wondered what day of the year it currently is. Where you born on a friday or maybe a saturday? What zodiac sign has a child born next week? What historic events happened on October the 25th? All these questions can be answered by “What day?”.


* Weekday

* Number of weekday in month

* Number of day in year

* Week of the year

* Week of the month

* Historic events happened on that date

* Zodiac sign

No internet connection needed for using the app.

This is the first release of “What day?”. Later versions will include much more information about the selected day.

About This Apk
Name What day?
Size 637.21 KB
Version 2.0.1
Developer Sebastian Kaspari
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +