What do animals eat?

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Download What do animals eat? apk free . #What_do_animals_eat? . This application is specially designed for the little ones. It will teach your child to understand what is proper food for variety types of animals. The annex presents 18 levels, on each one you need to properly feed an animal. If a child makes a mistake and choose the wrong option, the animal gets sick and change color. Then you can try again or choose another animal. If a child makes right chooses for an animal, the knowledge is fixed in the memory of the baby with a photo of an animal with the right food.

Pets are sorted by level of difficulty into three groups by a color option buttons: green, orange and red. It is recommended to pass the levels in that order. You can leave your child to learn on himher own and only help him when he asks for.

The application contains the following pets: cat, dog, frog, mouse, monkey, rabbit, goat, cow, squirrel, fish, hedgehog, bear, hippo, camel, pig, elephant, crocodile and even a small dragon.

Colorful, nice animals, fun food and a simple form of the game will make your child’s learning exciting and fun.


designed for children of preschool and elementary school age

levels are divided into three groups according to complexity

colorful, nice animal and cheerful meal

shows animal pictures when passing each level

it teaches the child which food is right for different types of animals

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