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Love is bigger than us. It implies very strong feelings of affections. It is one of the most complex and profound of emotions we experience. Sometimes or most of the times we are confused if what we feel is already love. We tend to think about it deeply. We will realize that somehow, we cannot control ourselves from falling in love. But the big question now is WHAT IS LOVE?

Defining the meaning of LOVE is a bit tricky and complicated. Love takes on different forms and each one of us may have our own definitions, no limits. We express love when we are happy, sad and angry and positions like a driving force that fuels our relationships with our partners, friends and family.

From the scientific perspective, love is a very powerful and permanent neurological condition. A state of mind. Love is chemistry. According to some studies, when we feel true love, the brain releases a set of chemicals allowing us to experience different expressions.

Love has been a favorite topic of poets, philosophers, authors and scientist since the beginning of time and many have disagreements about its definition. We can simply say that love has different meanings, boundaries and perspectives depending on where you are standing, your situation, your spiritual relationship with God or even your age.
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