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Everyone who wants to live well, should first and foremost take care about his health. The food that a person eats is essential to the health. It may well both ill and cure.

Want to know what effects has the food you shop and eat every day without having to have a medical degree or learn numbers and terms of ingredients? If so this site / app will help you to understand. Scan or find a product you are interested and you will be amazed what it contains.

If you have an Android device you can download the application from Google Play or open browser independently of the type of device – computer, phone or tablet, the site:

The application is in Beta and the database is in the process of filling, so please be patient. In addition to analyzing the harmful ingredients in the future will be added and analysis of the useful ingridients.

Note: The analysis of the food is made on the basis of written label and does not claim to be 100% complete. For a complete and correct assessment of the content exist special laboratories, tests and examinations.

Used permissions :

    – Internet and access to network status:

Used to check for the presence of Internet connection which is used for communication with the site

    – Read / Write on external memory:

This permission is necessary for the functionality when product is not found. The user can capture the content and introduce it later on the site. The app reads and writes only in the directory “barcodeimages”.

    – Camera:

This permission is necessary for the built-in barcode scanner, which is used when no other application for barcode scanning is installed on the device. What are you animal face id scanner test simulator – simulator test determine what kind of animal you are on the face.

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