What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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“What’s Wrong With This Picture” is a fun spot the difference type memory game.

In the game you will find:
• 70+ unique pictures prepared particularly for this game
• Difficulty level ranging from simple and easy to a really challenging ones
• Timer and unlockable levels

How to play:
• Take good look at the sample picture, memorize the details
• After 5 seconds a modified picture with a difference will be displayed
• You have 3 tries and limited time to find, spot and mark the difference

Game is a modification of standard find or spot the difference game, where two slightly different pictures are showed together. In “What’s Wrong With This Picture” game player has to memorize the first photo and then spot the single other difference in the another, while pictures are not shown at the same time.

All the levels in the “What’s Wrong With This Picture” game are free!!
Game can be played both by children and adults as it does not contain any offensive content.

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Developed by Lukas and Erika from ENL design studio You make quick calculations calculations and let us know the outcome of our offer is right or wrong .

About This Apk
NameWhat’s Wrong With This Picture?
Size19.60 MB
DeveloperEnL Design Studio
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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