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So I have a bloody hectic life, and my cute, furry, cuddly Cat- Pixie, is acting up again.

Oh! You have no idea, she makes me run around the town, fall on my feet and what not, and it is so difficult to get hold of her when she is in her elements.

Today is one such day, and she is painting the town red! Pwease! Pwease! Pwease! Help me find her!

Under the bed, over the dining table, in the bath tub, on my neighbor’s porch, in the fish market, the possibilities of the places that you can find her in are endless.

I will navigate the streets, why don’t you join me as well?

Pixie is very very smart. Guessing will only take you so far, use as much logic as you can in finding her.

Word from the Developer:

We are trying to get the simplicity of this every day issue and help you train yourself, so that we can all know, where’s my Cat? Try to find the cat in this extremely engaging game before you run out of taps.

You can navigate through numerous scenarios and levels in this amazingly cute game ‘Where’s My Cat?’

And most of all beware, because this game now comes with a limited number of taps to make it more challenging. Don’t run out of taps!


• Play 100+ levels and challenges with where’s my Cat.

• Whole new Art Style- So simple that you will fall in love with its simplicity.

• Experience intuitive and challenging gameplay.

• Enjoy unpredictably investigative moments

• Stuck on a level? Buy hints to help you solve the puzzles!

For 512 MB devices and above.

About This Apk
NameWhere’s My Cat
Size20.45 MB
DeveloperFITH Media
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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