Which Animatronic are you?

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This app asks you a series of multiple choice questions then calculates your answers and displays your result of your animatronic status. Download this app and discover how much of a animatronic you are!

Find out which animatronic you would be if you were stuffed into a suit! This quiz contains: freddy, bonnie, chica, foxy, mangle, toy freddy, golden freddy, marionette and balloon boy. Will change the name of thew new animatronic when the name is released.

Please play this game at night

One..Two..Three…Four… Five .. Ready?! GO!!!

About This Apk
Name Which Animatronic are you?
Size 22.82 MB
Version 1
Developer Ilat Fnaf Studio
Category Apps
Supports Android 4.0 +

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