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Download WIFI MAP- Passwords & Places apk free . #WIFI_MAP-_Passwords_&_Places . WIFI MAP- Passwords & Places prank app is a wonderful prank application that simulate breaking into secured wireless networks protected by passwords WPA, WPA2 or AES encryption, with this WiFi Master Key, you can deceived all your friends and family because this amazing tool has an wireless network scanner “the wifi scanner” that will detect key, and hacking and analysis animation for the wifi security. After the hack program has completed, the application will creates a fake password. Which will make All your friends and family will be impressed that you can break their WiFi hotspot easily and get wifi free.with this app.You can hack wifi and Amaze all people and make them think you are a real hacker and genius penetrate. WiFi Master Key is a very nice prank to play with people that you love. Enjoy it!

How to use:

WIFI MAP- Passwords & Places tool has an wireless network scanner (the wifi scanner) that will detect all the wifi hotspots in range, with either good or bad signal. The detected wireless networks are displayed in a list of wifi network identifiers.

Choose the ID of one of the wifi networks from this list. After a simulation of hacking a fake generated password will be displayed, as if the target network was broken into. See how amazed your friends are by your hacker talent and enjoy!


Once again, as stated above, please remember that this app is not an actual hacker tool. Displayed passwords are randomly generated. To really hack into networks is illegal and immoral.

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About This Apk
NameWIFI MAP- Passwords & Places
Size2.26 MB
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +

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