Word Shooter – A blend of Arcade and Word games

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Word games are interesting and so are Arcade games.
What would happen if we combine the two categories of games? It sounds interesting, right! We have managed to combine the two categories for you and we call it ‘Wordcade’.
For the first time ever, introducing a ‘Wordcade’ game called ‘Word Shooter’, a Tap and Knock Off (TAKO) Series 6 game – Gamification redefined. Word Shooter is a game of skill, strategy and vocabulary.
How to Play
Your space ship is going on a long journey and you need to make way by shooting down enemy ships. Each enemy ship has a letter on it and you can only shoot down an enemy ship if the letters on the remaining enemy ships make a valid English word. If you shoot at an incorrect letter, a shot is fired back towards your ship and you need to avoid it. You can collect coins when a three letter word is created.
Navigation Controls: Tap at any point to move and shoot.
During the journey you will encounter other obstacles such as Asteroids, UFOs and many more. Shoot the obstacles, collect coins and continue your journey.
– 8000+ Words
– Unlimited Game Play with 10+ Stages
– 250 Levels, more to be added
– Collect Power Ups
– Destroy obstacles and collect coins
– Upgrade your ship using coins
– Option to revive a game
– Achievements and Leaderboard
Word Shooter is currently designed for unlimited fun in two modes – Endless and Levels. More updates and features will be rolled out during your journey.
For a limited time only, use fewer coins to upgrade your ship. Fasten your seat belt, sit back and enjoy your FREE action packed game.
The TAKO games are created by Digio TwentyOne Communications, where your game is our work.
Invite your friends and play TAKO games for endless fun. It is TAKOTIME! For more details please visit our website www.thetakogame.com Learn more about the Bible with this fun game.

About This Apk
NameWord Shooter – A blend of Arcade and Word games
Size43.12 MB
DeveloperDigio TwentyOne Communications
SupportsAndroid 4.0 +